We are currently on hiatus until September 15th. If you would like to order something, please email us at: chapinchocolates@gmail.com with your contact information! Have a Great Summer

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Since 1875, Swiss chocolate has offered a distinctly smooth and creamy flavour and texture within a unique blend. Our Swiss Milk Chocolate is the perfect gourmet, couverture chocolate for candy making and is the lightest colored chocolate available. The same chocolate chocolatiers have been trusting for well over 100 years. However, it is only after many years of fine-tuning that the original formula was developed and, in 1887, the Gala brand was finally launched, called 'Gala' after the Greek word meaning 'milk'

I love the new look of the website. Great new additions to the already scrumptious candies!

L. Peters (7/15/2023)

Thanks for allowing me to preview your new website before it went live. I think it's very professional and easy to navigate. I can't wait until it's up and running. All the best!

Stephen K.

The choice of Easter novelties was great and not limited to just bunnies. Can't wait for next Easter! Thanks.

Paula L. (4/5/2023)

The Mendiants and Sea Salt Caramels are the best I have tasted. I love supporting Independent businesses where all their chocolates are made to order and not sit on a shelf.

P. Torres

I love that all my candy was made to order and didn't sit in a display case or on a shelf.

P. MacSorley (3/28/2023)

Tempering chocolate to the perfect temperature is key!

Shipping can be a challenge, especially during the Summer months. All of our chocolates are packed with the warmer temperatures in mind between May & September. Cold packs are added for this reason.

All orders are sent UPS. We will only ship on Monday & Tuesday so your package will not sit in a warehouse over the weekend. Most packages arrive within 2-3 days of shipping.

How Chapin Chocolates Began!

Just a little History

Chapin Chocolates started as a hobby when I was staying with friends, Mike & Roger in Chapin, S.C. (hence the name). I would make candy for gifts and holidays because it was a personal touch. Friends said I should open a store or at least offer to the public, which I did. I decided it was time to have a Chapin Chocolates Facebook page where I could post pictures and items for sale. Chapin Chocolates was born on Facebook. At the request of friends I would send them an order form and they in turn would return to me via USPS with their check for their purchase. Well, this had put delays on orders, waiting for the checks to clear the bank so I had to think of another way. Having had a Gift Shop website in the past, I was familiar with online selling, so. low and behold, chapinchocolates.com was born. I now offer a wide variety of items made in small batches to order and now accept credit cards along with other payment options such as Google and Apple pay. I only ship to certain states thus far (Below are the states I ship to) but will add more states as needed. So, just a little back story on Chapin Chocolates.

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Special Orders, Requests, Custom Orders

For special orders, requests, or custom orders, please email us your requests and we will be in touch within 48 hours. If you are planning an event, please give us at least a 4-6 week notice! We make everything to order and due to our candy being made in small batches, we may need to order additional items and product to fulfill your request. A signature is required for ALL Special Requests and Event Orders.